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Huntington City Library's Bookworm makeover

We were recently given the opportunity to give the Huntington County Library’s Bookworm a makeover. The Bookworm is a mobile library that has become a much loved feature of Huntington, providing movies and books at various stops around Huntington.

They wanted to give it a fresh new look!

Here is what the Bookworm looked like being dropped off at the TEK shop ready for its new look!

First we stripped all the decals featured on the Bookworm...

We then sanded down the bus and sandblasted some of the more weathered areas for a smoother finish in the painting process...

We then primed the bus and gave it a two tone paint job... after that it was time for the graphics to be added...

... then the Bookworm was ready to go home!

Here is the Bookworm with it's fresh new look, ready to go back to Huntington and ready to get back on the road.

Thank you to the Huntington City Library for trusting us with the Bookworm, we really enjoyed this project!


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